INCA-ETHNO meets BAROQUE MUSIC: Meditative, impulsive, expressive

The trio AKA PACHA presents a daring and successful musical experiment, the result of a long-standing encounter of traditional Indian music from the Andes with both, stylistic elements of the Baroque and contemporary Western music. Meditative, impulsive and expressive, an ever more enjoyable musical experience through space and time!
In the middle 80's, two groups (Ruphay and Wayra Kuna) and a female singer (Luzmila Carpio) went on tour under the banner "Holy Andes". So unlike the familiar contemporary folk music heard in the streets of Europe, the genuine, ritual, and festive music and dance of the Aymara and Quechua Indians caught the public by surprise.

During that time, musicians of both groups began to explore new styles and Mario Gutiérrez (leader of Ruphay) composed "The Three Seasons" for cello, kena (Indian flute) and guitar. In 1988, he founded the trio AKA PACHA together with Rupprecht Weerth (leader of Wayra Kuna) and Hannes Trittler.

After Mario's death in 1994, Friedrich Hacheney joined the trio. The sound of his Paraguayan harp added new dimensions to the music. Members of AKA PACHA remain immersed in Latin American Indian traditions and, unlike many Western composers, do not merely pick and choose isolated musical elements from that tradition. 

The Aymaran phrase AKA PACHA means "through space and time" and best describes the music of the trio: encounter and dialogue between Latin American Indian and Western cultures. There is nothing superficial about this music. Instead, the AKA PACHA performers share an honest and intense, joyful and sometimes also painful music. 


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